Coronavirus and all my feelings

I went to the nursing home yesterday and was turned away because of Coronavirus. They are locking all doors for the safety of people there. Was my first reaction sad I couldn’t see my dad?  Sure, but I immediately checked myself. I realized my own selfish want to see my dad was tiny in comparison to keeping the people in the nursing home safe because who knew if I was a carrier since you can have it for over a week and not show symptoms. Looking back at the situation I’m so glad they aren’t letting anyone in to protect those people there.

With the current circumstances the only hope for people who have compromised systems is your participation in some events being canceled. Doing everything in our power to help stop spreading this is single handedly the most crucial part of what’s going on. We are going to have to get over our selfishness and more times than not people don’t give a shit about each other or how their actions may affect others.  We are talking about people dying here and doing whatever necessary to stop it.

It’s fucking terrifying for people like my dad who, who didn’t ask to be sick or compromised ever. Do you think anyone secretly wishes for cancer, absolutely not! In fact, he hasn’t been able to talk for 6 years, but if he could talk he would tell you he hates the disease that robbed his entire life and 30 years he didn’t get to have with his family. He’s never been to a concert with us, never been on an airplane, never got to live any of life

So, with the current health scare relying on humanity to just do what’s best for people like him is beyond terrifying because we all know humanity, for the most part, doesn’t give a shit about anything but themselves. Every single selfish person is going to be the reason people die because “they won’t get sick” but spread the sickness because they are not taking these warnings seriously.  Maybe my dad included.

Believe me when I say I’m always rainbows and sunshine and that’s a fact but this is terrifying for those of us with possibilities of losing family. Maybe he will be fine but I want to do everything in my power to protect him as I always have. So you have to cancel your vacation and people are mad about it. I do understand, believe me I love traveling but that comes from a super privileged perspective.   Do you even know how lucky you are to be able to afford to travel?  Most at risk people can’t afford healthcare to begin with and all you’re worried about is getting a tan vacation.

I suppose this is written to give some insight to some people who just plain have it good and don’t understand why this is being taken so seriously.  Do I think you should cancel your entire life? Heck no, but try to be mindful of others. This is also not written to anyone specifically, just my inner “too kind and empathetic for this world” heart’s feelings!

I know the world turns a blind eye to things that doesn’t affect them. It’s what they are best at. As a caretaker for 20+ years for somebody that has a disease almost nobody cares about I can sadly confirm that. Clearly, I am not saying I don’t have an incredible support system now but it wasn’t always that way for me.

Maybe this entire thing is only a possibility and maybe we are taking it what you think is extreme, that’s your opinion.  Do I think some of the media is portraying this way out of context, absolutely. But my opinion is to do what I can to help save the lives of those who are at risk. I mean please let me be wrong, I am hoping that this is contained immediately and we can all go about our regular life. Please, please, please let me be wrong!

Until we really know what we are dealing with let’s just take the precautions seriously.

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