Medical Advances

What an amazing time to see this unveiling of science unfolding in front of us but what an awful mistake to sit back and let others handle the dirty work. We must all be on the same page to make these medical advances happen and move this forward. We cannot let these advances go unused!! This is what we’ve been waiting for now go out and see what you can do to help!!! I’ve participated in a number of studies and you don’t have to be tested to do so, of course they have been mentally exhausting to talk about things you never want to think of you must push through and remember you are the hero swooping in with your cape!

After seeing the constant updates and medical advancements we’ve been waiting on for our entire lives. I can’t help but cry because I’ve never had a real reason to feel this much hope. I’ve always dug deep into myself to find hope but now there’s a real life reason manifesting right now. I have had endless dance parties in celebration of these things happening and I suggest you do the same! Celebrate every single triumph we are lucky enough to stumble on!!!

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The first one and my original inspiration; Gene Veritas. I’ve been reading his blog for so many years!! He has been so motivating for so many of us for so many years. I actually started my blog because his touched me so much. He is the advocate we all aspire to be!!

The second blog you must follow is HDBuzz because it is one of the first blogs I found with totally unbiased information. Nobody there is benefiting financially by any of their posts. Nothing is sponsored. Just plain facts. The good, bad and ugly.  Plus, it is all in plain language, you do not need a degree to understand.

And for endless other information on clinical trials in your area, tips on caretaking, medical advances. Just about every single resource you could ever need check out this site.