Better together

In an effort to share some experiences and some lessons I have learned, I have decided to begin writing a blog.  My hope is to bring some sunshine and positive ideas and just have a place where you can go and get a pick me up as needed.  I also want to share my journey as a caretaker of a parent with Huntington’s Disease.

My mission is to help others see past their diagnosis or something bad going on in their life and that they can still have an amazing, fulfilling life.  Because the minute you stop focusing on the parts of your life that you can’t change or have zero control over suddenly things being to look much differently.  I know the weight of living your life knowing you have a 50% chance of developing the same fate as my dad, you are not alone.  And I know the feeling of not wanting to get out of bed and deal with life on a regular basis, but I want to how perspective can be such an amazing way to cope with the unknown.

I have started this writing many times, finally deciding against so much exposure and vulnerability.  Finally, after reaching out to some sources to find some supportive material or books on the subject being almost nonexistent I decided now might be a good time to put some effort into this movement.  The idea for me is maybe one person who is reading this may feel alone but when coming across another situation they are all but too familiar with it might make them feel slightly less alone.  I am no doctor, I don’t have any degrees on this subject, nowhere near a writer of any sort but what I am is someone that wants to help and make some difference in the world.  There will be endless typos, and run on sentences and commas missing but that is not what I’m here for, I am here to inspire and send an uplifting message!  Maybe nobody will read this and that is fine too, as it is just as much as a therapeutic tool for myself as well.

I am hoping for a judgement free zone and just a place to find support that I feel like the HD community is missing. 

2016 was the year for me that I decided I needed to work on communication.  I am not one to talk about my feelings, or inner struggles with pretty much anyone and yet I am having this urge to begin somewhere, and for me writing has always been easier to me to express myself than talking ever has.

My ultimate goal is to help someone find their inner badass warrior fighter!!  Because I know no matter what you are going through it IS in there somewhere waiting to unleash its power!!  No matter how deep in you are, there is a way out.   We need to band together and offer kindness and acceptance to every single person we meet!